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The credit card payment gateway on DINTIN.com is provided by PayPal ,PayPal is a world leading payment gateway company which is widely used by people all over the world. When you choose PayPal as per the payment,you'll be redirected to PayPal's 128 bit SSL secured website to finish the payment process. We don't handle or store customer's credit card information,100% safe.

However,there is high risk of international credit card transactions due to various reasons such as the credit card is lost,stolen,used by kids,hacked,etc.in order to better protect the credit card holder's & the merchant's benefits,for credit card payment handled by PayPal,these following documents will be required from DINTIN:
1.A copy of your identity proof such as Identity cards/ passport /driver license
2.A copy of the credit card front side which you are going to use or have used for order on our site.
3.An email sent to info*dintin.com(change *into@) by quoting the sentence:I,xxx(your full name),authorize the payment of USD xxx(full order amount) which is paid on xxx(date)at dintin.com for xxxx(product type such as mosaic tiles,bathtubs,etc),order number xxx(you'll see it in your email about the order details).I confirm the payment is made by myself.
This is an international practice for online business to fight again fraud,this will both protect the interest of credit card holders and the merchants.thank you for your kind understanding & cooperation. We will absolute keep your personal data within ONLY our order processing department.

If you are not sure about the payment safety using your credit cards,Please check & choose our other payment methods.let us know if you have any question by filling this contact form.Thanks!